Amazfit will launch wireless earbuds in January!

Huami Amazfit, a company supported by Xiaomi, has revealed that it will soon launch its first wireless earbuds. These will be presented at CES 2020 as early as January 7th.

This is a segment that has grown exponentially, becoming increasingly competitive. However, the company is confident that Amazfit TWS Earbuds will be able to stand out from the competition, such as the popular Xiaomi AirDots.

Amazfit Xiaomi earbuds

Wireless Earbuds from Amazfit to arrive with heart rate sensor

According to information revealed by the CEO of Huami, they have made a very large investment in R&D of these new earbuds, where many experiments have been done with new features.

The big investment will be reflected in at least one unique feature that is not available in any of its major rivals. Amazft TWS Earbuds will come with an integrated heart rate sensor, thus eliminating the use of a watch or smartband during physical activity.

In addition, it has also been mentioned that it will come with several technologies that will ensure support for sound isolation and noise cancellation. Typically, this type of functionality is present only in products of a high price range. So it will be curious to see what the price will be released.

Amazfit TWS Earbuds will not be the only surprise for this event

Although not revealing great details, Huang Wang also revealed that they will create a new category of fitness products. Without revealing exactly what will be presented, he said they have not launched shoes, but will be a new gadget related to shoes.

It would not be surprising if the company bet on launching a new product similar to Adidas MiCoach or Nike+. It will certainly be interesting to see what Huami will be able to implement in such a gadget.

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