Over the past few years smartphones have become essential parts of our lives, serving as an excellent tool for the most varied stages of our life. Much of this utility has come about thanks to the great development made in the hundreds of health apps available.

Nowadays, more and more users are focusing on a healthy lifestyle, showing great concerns in the quality of their diet and constant physical exercise. Again, smartphones have become extremely important tools, thanks to the many applications available to help you improve your health.

So we decided to compile here a list of the best health apps that will help you to improve your standard of living, through exercise, diet control and much more. Ensuring that your health is at the highest level.

Lifesum Android health apps


Many users continue to wish to take the decisive step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle, but this process is not always as easy as it seems, although it will improve your overall health.

It is in these situations that Apps like Lifesum can be extremely important tools. Lifesum presents itself as a subscription service (€3.75/month) that will help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle without having to turn your world upside down.

Once again, this is an application that will help you to improve your diet, effectively controlling the type of food you consume in your daily life.

Within the application, you will be able to select the type of diet that best suits your goals. Then, you will just need to follow the eating plan created by the App, and take advantage of hundreds of recipes included in your plan.

C25K health app android free

C25K (Couch to 5 kilometers)

If you are one of the thousands of users who have thought several times about starting to run regular races, but never had the willpower strong enough to take the first step, the C25K application is perfect for you.

The application offers a free training plan with a duration of 8 weeks. With three training sessions per week (30 to 40 minutes each), it promises to get any user to run a 5-kilometer run at the end of the training plan.

This is an excellent initiation application for any type of user, and after completing this plan, they will be able to explore the rest of the applications of this company. 

Sworkit fitness app android


Especially during times when we are forced to stay at home, it is important to have tools available to help us maintain physical activity levels anywhere. It is exactly in these situations that the Sworkit application will be extremely useful.

This application will help you find the perfect training session for any situation. To do this, just indicate the type of exercises you are looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, stretching, etc.) and the time you have available (between 5 minutes to 1 hour).

The application will then provide you with a list of training plans that meet your needs. When if comes to health apps, at the end of the day it’s up to you to go through with the workout plan. At least with Sworkit, you will have dozens of sessions to choose from.

If you want to have some extra features at your disposal, you can opt for the monthly subscription of €9.99. This subscription will give you more options in customizing your workouts, such as number of repetitions and also specific areas of the body where you want to focus

Daily Yoga Practice: 10 Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

Daily Yoga

As its name implies, this application will make available a vast library of Yoga classes (in high definition) so that you can develop your skills from home.

Each Yoga session has a specific focus, whether it is improving flexibility, strength, abdominal area, or simply physical and mental relaxation.

In addition, you will also have at your disposal a library of detailed videos with more than 500 poses available.

Endomondo Sports Tracker on Android - YouTube


Endomondo is one of the oldest exercise apps available for Android and iOS, and to this day, it remains one of the most popular.

This application will help to keep track of all your physical activities, whether they are walking, running or cycling. To ensure that your activities do not become boring, a virtual trainer is available to make each session unique.

To make the whole experience more interactive, the app will also allow you to hold competitions with your friends, giving your physical exercises a more competitive edge.

Pear fitness app personal trainer android


Pear is another excellent application for those who want to start training sessions at home, offering users a wide variety of training.

You will be able to choose from a list of several professional personal trainers, who will guide you through all the exercises. Like many of the applications in this segment, Pear also offers the possibility to subscribe to a premium plan that will give you access to more features.

For users who have a compatible smartwatch/smartband, the application will also record heart rate and VO2max levels. Considering the professional skilled personal trainers available, this is one of the most interesting health apps of this list.

Chris Heria Pro app Android free

Heria Pro

Nowadays, callisthenics and CrossFit workouts are increasingly popular, being an excellent way to maintain and improve your fitness using mostly your body weight.

This application was created by one of the most popular names in the world, Chris Heria, a reference athlete and excellent trainer.

With this application, you will have access to dozens of workouts that will help you achieve your desired goals, whether they be improving physical condition, muscle growth or just maintaining your current shape.

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