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The International Network of Content Verifiers (IFCN) has just launched a chatbot on WhatsApp aimed at denying information related to the coronavirus from all over the world. This division network of the Poynter Institute, to which the Spanish verifiers EFE Verifica, Newtral and belong, has a database of more than 4,000 denied hoaxes about […]

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Over the past few years smartphones have become essential parts of our lives, serving as an excellent tool for the most varied stages of our life. Much of this utility has come about thanks to the great development made in the hundreds of health apps available. Nowadays, more and more users are focusing on a healthy […]

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For five years we can be aware of upcoming Google Play Store releases through prior registration, receiving a notification on the same day that said application or game is already available for download. Well, now Google has begun to improve this feature by adding automatic installation, so that the day that such content is available […]

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