Google opens use of Focus Mode for all Android devices

The new Focus Mode is another tool that Google has developed to promote digital wellness in its mobile ecosystem. 

The system is now out of beta and promises to help users complete their tasks on the smartphone, but always focusing on the conscious use of the device, encouraging pauses and suspending parallel applications that can divert tasks.

Focus Mode will give you a better chance against silly distractions

With Focus Mode on, it is possible to identify applications with the potential to distract you. This way, if you try to open them, the mode reminds you that the app in question is paused. This mode also serves to silence notifications that may come from those same apps, but all of this is suspended when you decide to turn it off. 

In practice, this means that if you need to produce something useful on the phone, or complete a quick task, you can do it without any unwanted distractions.


Focus Mode’s beta phase has helped Google make it more robust by introducing new features. 

Thanks to the feedback received from early adopters, the company has created an automatic self-timer that can turn Focus Mode on and off automatically at preset times of the day. This makes it easy to activate the mode at work or school hours, as you don’t have to worry about turning it on manually.


Focus Mode is now available for all Android 9 or 10 devices. Google hopes the mode will help users stay productive and make users aware of the need to log out.

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