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Google Phone app will tell you why companies are calling

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Google has long sought to avoid spam in the form of messages and calls. For this reason, the firm entered verified messages into its message application, something also available in Spain. Although the company does not stay here, because verified calls will also arrive, to know that it is a company that calls you, something that will reach the Google Phone app.

In addition, Google Phone will tell you the reason why that company calls you. This will allow the user to know that a company is calling and to know if they are looking to sell something, so that they can decide whether or not to answer that call. It will even display the company logo on the screen.

Spam filter Google phone

Verified calls arrive at Google Phone

Picking up the phone before a call and then a commercial call will result is something that has happened to all of us. This is exactly what you want to avoid with verified calls on Google Phone. A notice on the mobile screen will inform us of what the company that is calling us is looking for, thus giving us the possibility of accepting the call or not.

Verified calls will be carried out with companies that wish to be verified. These companies are going to have to provide data to Google, so that the database can be verified and that it is a phone number that matches one of those stored. This is the information that will be used later to be displayed on the user’s mobile screen.

Google phone will display the company name, the reason you are calling (if the company has decided to share this information) and the signature logo, to help make verification easier and more accurate. In order for this data to be displayed in the application, the signature must have been registered in the Google database and share certain data. This will prevent that call from being displayed as spam.

This new function is introduced in the Google Phone settings, within the Caller ID and spam section. The deployment of it has begun, although at the moment it is limited to users in the United States. Presumably, it will be deployed globally.