Google Stadia keeps growing into one of the best cloud gaming services available, even though its availability is still quite restricted. Nevertheless, the new update to version 2.16 brings some nifty features that you will be happy to know.

Now, it will be possible to capture screenshots and small video clips straight from the official Stadia controller. Also, the new version gives us some nice clues about future features that Google is planing to implement. In total, the source code of the new App reveals four new features that will be implemented soon.

Google Stadia Android TV

Google Stadia will support Android TV

The application hides many new text strings that refer to 4K, HDR and 5.1 surround sound switches, and since there are not many mobiles with 4K screens, the bet is that they refer to Android TV, especially since some channels refer to the word “display”, like “HDR is not available on your screen”, thus appearing to refer to an external display.

Last year Google confirmed that Stadia would come to Android TV throughout 2020. It is also expected that the new successor to the Chromecast Ultra will be based on Android TV, so it will surely come standard with the Stadia application and compatibility with Bluetooth controls.

Easily share screenshots

Stadia now allows us to capture images and small video clips, but it still does not offer a quick and comfortable option to share them through social networks and messaging applications. Currently, the only way is to download all the captures from Google Takeout.

This looks like it will change very soon as the Stadia Android app is gearing up to be able to share the links to our screenshots or directly share the screenshots files in much the same way as Google Photos.

Google Stadia

Text chat is coming to Google Stadia

Stadia allows us to use voice chat in games and in its party system, but soon we will also be able to talk to our friends through text chat. There are references in the code to the strings “chat”, “chat messages”, “conversation” and “direct messages”.

Mobile Achievement List

Finally, the Stadia application for Android will also allow us to consult the list of achievements of our games, to see those that we have unlocked and those that we have left to achieve.

Via: 9to5Google