Every time your Android starts there are a series of applications that automatically start with the system. Thanks to this, the mobile connects to the mobile network, the Wi-Fi starts or the mail application receives new messages, for example.

However, there are applications that take advantage of automatic startup to run in the background without your knowledge, not to mention that they increase the battery consumption of your phone. Therefore, it is convenient to know everything that starts automatically, in this way you will keep your Android more private and secure.

The operation of your Android is not far from how a computer works, the operating system that manages the phone runs at first and, with it, opens those applications that the device needs for essential tasks. Most of these applications are those of the system and the manufacturer’s custom layer, but it may be the case that any app you have installed also starts by itself.

Do you want to know all the applications that run when you turn on your phone? Let’s see the ways there are for it.

Look for the ‘autostart’ option on your Android

Android Autostart tutorial

All mobiles have apps and services that start automatically when the phone is turned on, but not all brands offer the option to know it. As usually happens, there is no unique way in Android to discover the apps that start when you turn on the phone, so you will have to test until you find the best way to monitor the startup.

The option we are looking for is called ‘autostart’, it is one of the permissions that can be granted to applications. It is best to locate it from the settings search engine, write it at the top of the configuration and find out if your mobile lets you configure it.

You can also go to the entire list of permissions, from the applications menu (click on the top three menu items to discover the permission options).

In the event that you can access the list of applications that run automatically, you may have the option to manually select which apps to start or not start on their own (in the case of MIUI on Xiaomi, for example). Thoroughly analyse the list of apps and, if you see that one starts automatically (when it shouldn’t), consider uninstalling it.

Find out which apps start alone with Autostarts

Applications Autostart Autostarts

Since not all smartphones offer access to apps that start alone, you have to use an application for the task. In our case we will use one with an old friend that continues to work well for what we are looking for, Autostarts. It will not let you remove the auto-run permission from the applications, but it will inform you of those apps that make incorrect use of automatic startup.

Autostarts has an outdated interface, but it is functional. As soon as it is started you will see a list: click on ‘During startup’ and you will see all the services and applications that run together with the system. And, if you click on ‘After startup’ you will discover all the software that starts automatically before your Android gives you the option to use it after it turns on. All these apps and services remain constantly open. However, it must not be dangerous, at least while its use is justified.

Although most of the apps and services from the start are essential to you, perhaps there are applications that should not be there. Take a deep look at both lists and, if there is an app that does not correspond (that does not need to always be running, that is not system-based and is unrecognizable to you, that is suspicious) proceed to uninstall it.