Huawei NovaBuds could be the brand’s first product!

We recently learned that Huawei would be considering launching “Nova” as an independent brand, as with Honor. Now a new name has been registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which should be used on the brand’s first wireless earphones.

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While Huawei NovaBuds can be integrated into peculiar categories such as “high definition television” or “digital downloadable software” in the product description, it seems that they will be more wireless earphones. Unfortunately, no further information on the new earphones has yet been revealed.

Huawei NovaBuds

Can “Nova” debut with a new line of wearables?

Despite the great popularity of Huawei Nova smartphones, it seems increasingly possible that the brand will debut as “independent” with the launch of a new line of wearables.

In addition to the NovaBuds, there are several rumors that point to the launch of a smartwatch also integrated in the “Nova” family. If these releases are confirmed, it would not be surprising if the brand still bet on the segment of smartbands.

Huawei New Independence

Thus, it is possible that the independence of “Nova” is a strategy for Huawei to try to conquer the various segments of the wearables market. However, if that is your goal, you will not have an easy mission. Currently Apple Airpods continue to present themselves as the “kings” of wireless earphones and Xiaomi / Amazfit continues to present the best deals in the smartband segment.

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