Xiaomi electric Go Kart

New Xiaomi electric mini-kart goes up to 37km/h with a tempting price

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With the passage of time we have seen Xiaomi launch all kinds of products onto the market thanks to Youpin, its third-party store: from sofas to a cap that can prevent you from going bald, among many others. However, there are several products from the Chinese company that are more successful than the rest, such as the kart that was launched in 2018 and that now, two years later, has a new version that is already on sale.

Here we tell you how the electric mini-kart that Xiaomi already sells and that stands out for reaching up to 37 kilometres per hour for just over 1,000 euros.

At the end of last May, Ninebot, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company, announced the new Ninebot Kart Pro. A karting vehicle that is currently only available for purchase in China through Youpin and stands out for its improved design, new features, and a higher price compared to its 2018 predecessor.

The company has reportedly been working on this product for almost two years, he has tested it for a total of 33,000 kilometres. Even rumours suggest that the Chinese firm even collaborated with professional pilots in manufacturing this kart.

Xiaomi sells a new electric mini-kart

The Ninebot Gokart Pro is the new premium version of the well-known Xiaomi kart, which can also be disassembled and used as a self-balancing scooter and which is fully electric. Unlike the 2018 model, this new version sports a metallic grey colour that shouldn’t easily stain and features a standard steering rack and seat belt, headlights and other items are decorated in green.

In addition, it should be noted that this is a kart fully designed for adults and children, since the length of the body can be adjusted in four gears and the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted in three. Among its features, it uses a high-strength steel frame with an effective load of up to 100 kg thus providing better rigidity and resistance to possible impacts, it is equipped with a soft TPE anti-collision front edge and aerodynamically shaped TPE side skirts with better impact damping performance and driving safety.

The new Xiaomi Ninebot Kart Pro is now on sale in China

Xiaomi's electric mini-kart in action

At the front of the car is a “laser green” LED headlight, which is convenient for driving at night. In the same way, this new electric kart has a failure detection mechanism that, when finding one of them, causes the vehicle to stop urgently to guarantee the safety of the person, while the audible and visual alarm is activated at the same time. It even has a mechanism that prevents the kart from moving away when it is started if the accelerator is accidentally pressed, and with a function of temperature protection, another of battery overload protection, motor lock and a sound function driving notice.

Among other details, it is equipped with four 8W high-power speakers (supports Bluetooth connection) and with CST front tires and TPE Sport drift rear tires, in addition to an air-cooled motor with a maximum power of 4800W and powered by a 432Wh air-cooled four-channel battery that allows the kart to run 62 laps on a 400-meter track. The maximum acceleration of this electric mini-kart is 1.02G and the maximum speed is 37 km/h. But it also has other driving modes: safe mode with a maximum speed of 8 km/h, novice mode with a maximum speed of 18 km/h, sports mode with a maximum speed of 28 km/h and tracking mode, which reaches the 37 km/h.

One of its most striking features is that it can be folded to make it easier to transport. It can even be paired with a mobile phone through the Segway Ninebot app, which offers smarter features, such as viewing kart information, updating the firmware, or customizing the colour of the ambient light on the chassis, among others.

The new kart model is currently for sale exclusively in China at a price of 8,998 yuan, about 1,143 euros to change approximately.