OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord got confirmed and it’s available for pre-order!

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In recent weeks, OnePlus has made its return to the origins official, origins in which they made cheap but very good quality mobiles for the contained price. Many ventured that this OnePlus would be called Z or Z Lite, but finally the company has unveiled what will be its official name: OnePlus Nord.

When OnePlus announced the return to cheap mobiles, they did so by announcing a new Instagram account called OnePlusLiteZThing, a name that for many was a sign of the new name, but that as we mentioned, was part of an ironic response to the leaks, leaving the possibility that it was a different name. And finally it will be so.

OnePlus Nord, the new cheap OnePlus mobile that can already be reserved

After several days raising expectations from his Instagram, OnePlus has made his new mobile official, a mobile that promises to return to the origins of the brand. And we are not just talking about price.

One of the aspects that most characterized OnePlus in its beginnings was the difficulty in obtaining a unit. Due to its limited production, OnePlus sales were by invitation, and this time, the new OnePlus Nord will be almost as exclusive as the company’s firstborn.

To start strong, the company has created a documentary, which will arrive in parts and we can already enjoy the first one. Not only this, the OnePlus Nord also has an official website to start making reservations.

Something that does not convince us about this marketing movement is that we do not know any feature of the mobile, not even its final price (although in the documentary they talk about a price below $500). The reservation is with limited units, paying 20 euros in advance to receive promotional items from OnePlus and the right to buy the mobile when it is available.

Without a doubt, a very daring launch, in line with what OnePlus had done in its early years. A new beginning that from the first moment seems made to make the most unconditional fans of the brand happy.