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UPDATED: 01/08/2020


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Aqara Body Motion Sensor


Aqara RTCGQ11LM is a human body sensor that uses infrared radiation (IR) to detect human movement in the surrounding environment. It can be linked with other intelligent devices to achieve a wealth of automation scenarios, such as turn on the light when someone comes and turn off the light when people go.

The sensor adopts a low-power cell battery and has a life span of up to two years. No tools required for installation, place or paste it directly in the desired detect area.


Main Features

1. Precise detecting human body movement.
2. Link with other smart home appliances.
3. Zigbee wireless connection.
4. Timely sound the alarm and send the notification to your phone.
5. The battery service life reaches 2 years.
6. No tangled cable and tools required, easy to install it.
7. 3 installation ways allow you place it where you want.
8. Compact size, invisible to use.
9. High quality flame-resistant material, improve the safety.


1. The sensor needs to be used in conjunction with a gateway device.
2. Aqara gateway hub is required to make this sensor to work with HomeKit.