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UPDATED: 01/08/2020


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Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite – Global version


Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite comes equipped with a AMOLED display with fingerprint reader embedded for extra security. The Snapdragon 710 processor guarantees an impressive performance and you won’t have any problems to capture amazing photos with the triple camera with 48MP main sensor.


Main Features:

● With 48.0MP ultra-high definition, each detail is perfectly preserved
● Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 with dual turbo boost for optimum gaming and everyday use
● 6.39 inch AMOLED display, supports smart environment adaptation, intelligently adjusting the display according to the surroundings to give you a more natural viewing experience
● The large 4030mAh battery is sufficient for up to 2 days of normal usage
● 18W fast charge can quickly restore full power
● Supports multifunctional NFC
● In-screen fingerprint sensor