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Samsung is planning to ‘merge’ the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges!

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This is not the first time we have heard of Samsung’s plan to merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges into a single line of smartphones. After all, as early as 2018 this issue was discussed a lot, with several users agreeing with the idea, while other fans of the Note range didn’t find much of a joke.

That said, Samsung has always been launching a Galaxy S for many years at the beginning of the year, followed by a Galaxy Note in the second half of the same year… Could this release strategy have become obsolete?

Could the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 be the last of both ranges?

The well-known and reputed ‘leaker’ Evan Blass wrote in his official Twitter account that Samsung is considering the future of the Galaxy brand. Namely, by eliminating the ‘S’ and ‘Note’ ranges to create a single super gamma.

In fact, the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note have hit the market with very similar features and technical specifications. By the way, the only big difference between the two devices, turns out to be the S-Pen.

Samsung galaxy rumor

So Samsung is wondering if it would not make sense to launch a smartphone called the Galaxy One with S-pen support as early as 2020. In the background, a Galaxy S11 with traditional pen support, and a slightly different name.

However, the space left vacant by the Galaxy Note would be occupied by the Galaxy Fold! Of course, it will be from now on, the most suitable solution for the well-heeled ‘Business’ customers. (If the second launch of the device is not a Flop)

At bottom, this even makes sense! Releases remain roughly the same, with Galaxy Fold taking up the space left by Note. And so, every year, in February, we receive an even better equipped smartphone. Also, it turns out to be curious that the latest Note and S are version 10, which in turn served a little to commemorate the 10 years of Samsung’s entry into the Android world.