VR cows

Virtual Reality headset help cows to produce more milk

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The use of virtual reality in agriculture is not exactly new. In Russia cows are using virtual reality glasses to produce more milk.

These virtual reality glasses from Google have been carefully developed by a virtual reality studio as well as veterinarians.

Cows in the era of Virtual Reality

It is on the RusMoloko farm in Russia that cows are equipped with virtual reality glasses. The goal is for cows to produce even more milk. For this, the glasses present to the animals images that make them calmer and more satisfied, reducing their anxiety.

The development of the glasses took into account the structural characteristics of cow heads. In addition, although the technology is human-oriented, it has been adapted to work with cows.

The team that developed the glasses said that the images presented are interpreted by the animals. For example, there is a higher incidence of red color, but the weaker shades of blue and green have also been taken into account.

Virtual reality engineers have also created a unique program to simulate summer green fields.