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Xiaomi had to cancel this video advertisement in Japan

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Promoting the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 in Japan does not seem to have gone as Xiaomi originally expected. Shortly before celebrating the presentation of the new device in Japanese territory, the brand wanted to create hype before its arrival through an advertisement published on video through its social networks. Announcement that the brand was later forced to remove, only to finally apologize.

The reason? Easy. For some reason, Xiaomi thought it was a good idea to represent a nuclear explosion in its announcement to illustrate the 30W charging speed that incorporates the new model from the Redmi Note series.

Xiaomi Japan apologizes and removes controversial ad

The ad in question is not a complete disaster, it illustrates different rather peculiar scenes, which try to represent the high loading speed of the device. One of the scenes shows how an individual begins to inflate until it becomes something like a helium balloon that travels until it overcomes the cloud barrier of the sky.

Finally, an explosion happens and that’s when the problem started. This explosion results in a cloud shaped like a nuclear mushroom.

The first critics about this advert didn’t take long to show up. Several people saw clear references in this announcement to the nuclear explosion caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. As if that were not enough, the bomb in question, launched during World War II, was known as the “Fat Man”, something that several of the people who criticized this announcement saw as another reference to the fateful nuclear attacks carried out in August of the year 1945, that by the end of that same year, nearly 80,000 had been killed, counting only the city of Nagasaki.

Finally, Xiaomi was forced to back down in the face of the avalanche of criticism, and this Wednesday it published on its Twitter profile for the Japanese public a statement specifying that a review of the announcement has been published that eliminates the controversial images that appeared in the original clip, as well as ensuring that something similar will happen again in the future.


The latest product promotion for the foreign market contained poorly regarded content and the video has been removed. 
Xiaomi respects users and cultures around the world, and we will be closer to our users when we produce new products that promote them. 
We will try our best to prevent it from happening again in the future and solve the problem.

This is not the first time that a technology maker has found itself in the eye of the hurricane for controversial ads used to promote its mobile devices. Xiaomi herself had to withdraw an advertisement a few months ago, in which one of the protagonists answered the messages from her lover, shortly before her partner discovered it.

The objective of the announcement was to show that, in case of having used a Xiaomi terminal – the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, to be specific -, that situation would never have occurred.

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