Xiaomi has already established itself in the multimedia world both with beautiful Mi TVs, and with excellent Mi Boxes, small devices with Android TV, 4K HDR functionality at truly attractive prices.

Now, according to some rumours, the Chinese company could add another small multimedia product to its range. In a recently leaked roadmap, there is the presence of the release of a Xiaomi Mi TV Stick towards the month of May.


A blurry photo shows a device very similar to an Amazon Fire TV Stick, with an HDMI connector on the end that can connect directly to today’s TVs.

Nothing really is known about this device, nor if it will be marketed outside China, if it will be equipped with Android TV or another type of software and you do not even have a minimum of technical specifications.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick might try to take a jab at Google Chromecast

For many years now, the Google Chromecast is one of the most popular gadgets ever, allowing millions of people to expand the experience when it’s time to consume media in their living room.

But, even though it is one of the strengths on the Google Chromecast, Xiaomi might use the simplicity of this gadget and try to beat them. There is no info about how this Xiaomi Mi TV Stick might work, but it is quite possible that the little dongle will bring Android TV to any TV/Monitor.

If they manage to keep the price lower than the Google Chromecast, this will be a new interesting battle!