Xiaomi Mi 10 to be one of the first with Snapdragon 865

The news came from Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, a conference headed by Qualcomm. The Xiaomi Mi 10 will be one of the first smartphones to hit the market with the Snapdragon 865 processor.

Details about the new processor are yet to be announced, but like Xiaomi, several brands have announced that they would use this processor on their devices. Oppo was one of them.

Samsung Galaxy S11 should be first on the list

As we see in the official announcement of Xiaomi, the Mi 10 is “one of” and not the first to have this processor. As in recent years, the first to have it should be the Samsung Galaxy S11.

In addition to the Xiaomi Mi 10, it is expected that the already planned Mi 10 Pro also hits the market with this same processor. As promised by Xiaomi, both should also have 5G.

Rumor has it, the Mi 10 could also hit the market with super-fast 66W charging. In addition, should have a hole in the screen, which seems to be the trend of the brand for this early 2020.

This news is not surprising, and Xiaomi is thus at the forefront of the brands that will offer the best performance you can have in the Android world. February is the likely month for the release of the Mi 10.

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