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Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S is the perfect watch for kids!

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Xiaomi has just launched its latest gadget, the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S, designed with children in mind. In addition to offering a water resistant construction, it offers many useful features at a very attractive price.

Xiaomi’s new children’s watch is now available at the Xiaomi TMall store, but is still unique to the Chinese market. However, it should not be long before it is also available in the usual online stores from China. With an official price of only 25 euros, you should reach these stores with a slightly higher value.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S

What you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S

Since this watch is designed for use by children, its silicone construction makes it extremely comfortable for long periods of use. It comes with a 1.3 “touch screen with 240×240 pixel resolution and IPX8 certification.

Regarding its features, it offers real-time localization obtained through AI (artificial intelligence) technology. According to the manufacturer, it will be able to accurately provide real-time location regardless of whether the child is outdoors or indoors.

Thanks to its 600mAh battery and a low power processor, the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S will guarantee up to 7 days of use on a single charge.

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Watch 2S

It is unlikely to be a useful feature for users in Europe. Still, it comes with the integrated XiaoAI virtual assistant. With XiaoAi users will be able to answer calls, send messages, control music playback and ask various questions.

Through the MiTu app, you can limit the clock’s functionality by blocking all kinds of sounds and notifications, making it a traditional digital clock. When this mode is enabled, the user (child) will only be able to view the time and send SOS messages.