Xiaomi Future smartphone patent

Xiaomi patent reveals the smartphone of the future!

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Xiaomi has been testing different designs for its high-end terminals for a couple of years, and this year it has been the turn of the hole in the screen, a trend that we will see a lot throughout this year 2020, and that, personally, I think of the best methods to house the terminal’s front camera.

Now, some renders and patents have come to light imagining the Xiaomi of the future, which even resembles the current terminals to some extent, and which would come to offer the real and 100% complete experience of an all-screen terminal, which is what that some of us have been looking for a while.

Xiaomi smartphone camera under display

This could be the Xiaomi smartphone of the future

Xiaomi has already launched terminals with notch, drop type notch, drop-down camera and even a hole in the screen. That is to say, the Chinese company has tried all kinds of methods to locate the front camera, and it can be said that it has experience in achieving it. However, he still doesn’t seem to have hit the key, or at least definitely.

However, now LetsGoDigital has rescued a new patent from Xiaomi that, precisely, keeps this front camera in a module under the screen itself, which makes the terminal have a totally clean front. A priori, the front camera could look somewhat darker precisely because it is under the screen. However, in this patent, Xiaomi claims that, when the camera was activated, the fragment of the screen above the camera would become transparent.

Xiaomi smartphone under-screen camera

In this way, the experience that we would get with this front camera would be the same as what we would get if it were not under the screen, which is the claim that manufacturers have and that we have for users. And the designer Concept Creator has decided to illustrate it in some renderings in which we see what one of these devices could be like in its maximum splendour. And this front would be located in the centre or on the left side.

The design of Android mobiles, now that with Android 10 we already have a more than decent gesture system, is directed towards this type of front, in which we do not have visual impediments that prevent us from enjoying the entire screen, but rather They put this at our disposal so that we can see all the possible content in it. Something that just a few years ago was utopian.

Xiaomi smartphone

Although the hole in the screen is currently one of the best methods of designing the front, it is not perfect, and personally, it only seems to me a good method when it is in the centre, since this way it does not alter the composition or the symmetry of the device in question. Although, it seems that to see this significant change we will have to wait until the next generation of high-end terminals, which we will see either at the end of the year or at the beginning of next.

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